Original Songs

A selection of my original songs.

The Severance Reel
There's a well-known tune called "The Temperance Reel" that we play frequently at jams. When I took a buyout from my job at the beginning of this year, a friend told me I should write "The Severance Reel." So here it is, with Kari, who suggested the song, on fiddle, and my good friend Tricia Khleif singing harmony. This was recorded live at Ashokan this summer.
Ungainly and impractical, these overpriced examples of environmental vandalism lumber down our roads, stick crookedly out of parking spaces, and waste ridiculous amounts of gasoline. I am hopeful that the near-future SF ending of this song will not come to pass.
Cloud Of Ink
In his essay "Politics and the English Language," George Orwell said, "A mass of words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outlines and covering up all the details." We live in a veritable blizzard nowadays politically, and we hide from clarity in personal relationships as well. This song was, for some time, known as the Squid song.
The Whiskey Or the Wisdom
A tongue-in-cheek song about two of our favorite addictions.
Preserved Fish
A true NYC history song, the moral of which is, "Think twice when you choose names for your children."
Remember the Future
A song for the future we used to have. I grew up reading science fiction books that portrayed the 21st century as a very different time than what we're living in.